Give your patio real excitement and the x factorMost N.Z. homes have some sort of outdoor living /patio area and its where we tend to relax, socialize with family and friends, and even eat our brunch and summer evening bbq meals.

As a landscaper, I love the challenge of transforming clients boring standard patio and turning it into a real wow area !!! so it becomes the most popular and enjoyable part of the home from labour weekend through to easter.

There are so many things we can do to bring a spark to the patio; - buy a couple of large ornamental pots and plant up a feature plant in each, and underplant with colorful bizzie lizzies, petunia bubblegum series, even some of the more compact growing daisies that are now on the market As a feature plant- citrus trees are very good options because they are pretty forgiving and don't mind the odd bit of drying out from time to time.

If you have a covered pergola over the top of the patio, then make yourself a couple of colorful/ stand out hanging baskets (be creative and mix and match a few of your favourite hanging /container plants all in the same container ) and let them full and spill over all sides  for a year-round effect !!! - when planting anything into containers/baskets- ALWAYS buy quality potting mixes that contain water holding gel - this will help cut down on having to water so frequently and your container plants will definitely thank you for it, by giving a better performance because they won't be so stressed from lack of moisture.


GARDENIA FRAGRANT STAR- an extremely compact gardenia, white flowers giving off a tropical fragrance - certainly a must for your patio ROSEMARY LOCHWOOD DE FOREST- weeping rosemary which is ever so tough and reliable CITRUS TREES - very good and effective in large pots on the patio STAR JASMINE - either as a climber on a frame or as a groundcover spilling over a wall PHOENIX ROEBELINII - Dwarf date palm - makes a great container specimen SALVIA GO GO PURPLE- a new perennial salvia with the deepest purple flowers all summer ARGYRANTHEMUM POLLY- an extremely compact daisy with non stop flowering ALSTROEMERIA PRINCESS SERIES - 10/10 for floral performance - up to 9 months of continuous flowers LAVENDER PURE PLATINUM - platinum foliage and lovely blue flowers OSMANTHUS PEARLY GATES - responds very well to keeping clipped as whatever shape and size you want, delightful small white flowers in spring with a sweet tropical fragrance, hardy.  

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