Attached is a photo of a beautiful specimen of WISTARIA SNOW SHOWERS covering an archway, over a pathway through the garden. A lot of people struggle with their wistarias, because of the great vigour they can have. If you are disciplined, and trim the branches back over the period of summer when they are most vigorous, then the wistaria are hard to beat as a pargola or archway specimen. There are at least 10 different varieties of wistaria avaliable, so lots of choice in flower colour and length of the actual flowers- the sinensis types are the first types to flower and have the shorter flower length, and the floribunda types of wistaria tend to have quite long flowers, so when building your archway, make sure you build it tall enough to accomodate the longer flower types if you intend to plant a floribunda type.

Other plants which i recommend for archways are; TRACHELOSPERMUM JASMINOIDES (star jasmine ) - this would undoubtably be the no 1 selling climber in n.z. , its a true 10/10 plant - small white starry flowers and the most delightful sweet  tropical fragrance all summer BOUGAINVILLEA SCARLET OHARA - fantastic for a frost free area - especially at the coast PANDOREA ROSEA  - a well balanced evergreen climber with  pink rosea flowers, not too vigorous.Likes a sunny warm position in the garden CLEMATIS PANICULATA - a  NZ native  evergreen  climber, with showy white flowers in spring, does well in shady cooler parts of the garden.

If you are going to put a climber onto an archway, make time to give it some attention say every  2 - 3   months through the active growing seasons, and control where its growing, so that its going where you want to train it too, rather than just letting it ramble everywhere it wants, which tends to eventually lead to an overgrown tangled mass of branching.

Feed your climbers every September and March to keep it in top condition.

Graeme Burton - Landscaper - Rukuhia Homestead, RD2, Ohaupo 3882
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