Create a hammock space at home! Rukuhia Homestead LandscapingCreate a space for a hammock!!

Want to create a lovely space to hang a hammock among the trees?? - it's really easy!!

The attached photo is such an area we created in our own garden. We used PRUNUS AWANUI (a variety of flowering cherry) planted as a grouping of 5 x trees because with a grouping it gives a natural umbrella from the sun, a lot more quickly than if we had only planted just 2 x trees. Also the grouping covers a reasonable area, which in turn gives us a bit more flixibility as to whether we want to be completely shaded from the sun, or if we want a little bit, we can tie the hammock on the outer reaches of the grouping. We like Awanui because it gives dappled light, protecting us from the harsh rays of the sun when relaxing and reading our book.

Under the grouping of trees we planted a large circle of OPHIOPOGEN JAPONICA(MONDO GRASS) - which acts like a beautiful lush green carpet. Mondo grass performs outstandingly well, under trees, and needs a trim every five years (feed 2 x per year to keep it looking in top condition). If we were to fall out of the hammock onto the mondo grass, it will not damage it, and will stand up to children lying on top of it, like a shag pile carpet.   

Graeme Burton - Landscaper - Rukuhia Homestead, RD2, Ohaupo 3882
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