Hymenosporum Gold Nugget (Topiary standard)

It's a dwarf variety of the australian frangipani. This photo is of an actual plant in full flower in our garden at the moment and what an amazing sight! It's a little bit different to any gold nugget frangipanis that you would see in your local plant shop, because it has been grafted onto a standard. Instead of being a low mounding shrub on the ground, this has the same habit but is one metre off the ground.

Its flowers give off the most beautiful tropical fragrance – you definitely don't need to go to the Pacific Islands when you have one of these beauties in your garden! It loves full sun and doesnt mind being in a pot. The specimen in the photo has been in the same pot for about five years and its looking very fine and happy. I feed my specimen twice a year with slow release fertiliser and only lightly trim it once a year because its growth habit is so compact and tight.

Graeme Burton - Landscaper - Rukuhia Homestead, RD2, Ohaupo 3882
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