Bring a Dark Corner to Life 

A water feature can add a bit of excitement to a rather uninviting piece of garden. These two water features are in a narrow, dark piece of garden between two separate wings of a home. There's not much room to grow anything, so the placement of these water features has brought this part of the garden alive. We planted ASPLENIUM BULBIFERUM (hen and chicken ferns) on either side because they love the cool shady conditions, and the soft semi-pendulant fronds hang gracefully around the water features.

Once the ferns grow a bit more they will help soften the hard walls on each side, and our eyes will only be drawn to the bubbling water spilling over the urns. The low grass planted amongst the stones is ACORUS MINI GREEN - an excellent low-spreading grass that loves shade and stays very low to the ground, so it will perform very well and will eventually be under the larger fern fronds.   

Graeme Burton - Landscaper - Rukuhia Homestead, RD2, Ohaupo 3882
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