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Acer Koto No Ito

Topiary shaped - 3 x matching specimens available

Grade: height 2.20m.
Container Size: 80lt pot

These green foliaged maples I have trained into real character specimens, having thinned out the main lower branching, and taken off the lower foliage - the maple has real interest !! the head of the tree has  controlled shaping to make it an interesting piece of ''living sculpture" in the autumn this variety has stunning autumn foliage - like the strong colours you see on the trees in queenstown, and you certainly don’t loose any interest, with its bare branching in winter, I can see these three specimens going into a   special garden, at a front entranceway garden, where X factor is desired !! or near an outdoor patio/entertaining area, the dappled light coming through the trees lower branches throws lots of creative shadows onto the surrounding ground

Graeme Burton - Landscaper - Rukuhia Homestead, RD2, Ohaupo 3882
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