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Podocarpus Matapouri Blue

Topiary trained as a tapered column

Grade: 2.2m tall (height above the container )
Container Size: 45lt black pot -with handles (dim- 50x45x34 )

I personally think this is one of the very best topiary for a tough rugged site exposed to wind,dryness,frost/coldness-also a great candidate if you are not the best at remembering to water your plants over the hot summer months.A very good option for your beach property,as it will easily stand up to salt winds and dry sandy soils.its virtually bullet proof,and looks great all year round with its dark greenish/blue foliage colour.This plant will grow nationwide.

It responds well to clipping, and very easy to maintain its tapered column shape.The perfect big topiary for either side of a large path/driveway,or even in a line in front of a big wall,if you were wanting to soften a solid structure.MATAPOURI BLUE performs outstandingly in containers or in the ground.Feed every September and March with Growers Choice Slow release fertiliser,and the foliage will keep its good colour

Graeme Burton - Landscaper - Rukuhia Homestead, RD2, Ohaupo 3882
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