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Podocarpus Totara Matapouri Blue

Topiary trained as a standard on a stem

Grade: stem - 70cm head- 50cm Total Plant Height -1.20m (excl cont )
Container Size: 45lt black pot -with handles (dim 50x45x34 )

Use the same description as the item previous, plus change in the middle to It responds well to clipping,and very easy to maintain its round head shape on the standard.If you want the head to get larger,just keep letting it grow outwards a bit more time you clip it,until it gets to the desired size.

I could see these standards looking extremely effective with a matching pair on either side of the front doorway.They are extremely tough,and will be very easy for you to maintain and keep in top condition.

Graeme Burton - Landscaper - Rukuhia Homestead, RD2, Ohaupo 3882
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